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"Your floggers are the high quality I was led to expect, but the 3-tailed tawse was the unexpected favorite in our order - the weight, flexibility, and balance of the instrument are perfect, and it's constructed to the same standards as your floggers, and looks as if it will provide a lifetime of service."

We have been immensely pleased with the last flogger we ordered from you and look forward to having more!  I'm forever telling folks where I got it- it's been quite the popular item with all who have seen it.  You're making a great product!!

"I purchased a wonderful flogger from you at Ohio Leatherfest a few years ago, it was in need of a serious trim. Thanks to your professional staff in Boston, they were able to accommodate trimming it for me at a moment's notice. You can believe that I will only make my purchases with you and have recommended your business to others. Thank you Skye for the prompt attention."
Boston, MA
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Welcome to DeTails' Paddles Page. All of our Paddles, Slappers & Tawes are made of high quality thick reinforced leather and will hold up for years of play. These are FIRM paddles, not those floppy pieces of junk we've all seen.



Slut & Pig** Paddle
All Paddles are $25

**Pig Paddles are available with the word in "Regular" or "Mirror" image.



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