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"This is the most beautiful flogger in my collection and has been coveted by every femdom friend of mine who lays her eyes on it! It's the perfect way to give "flowers" to your Mistress and this bouquet will never die, making sure that you rise quickly to the top of the list of favorite slaves as did the one who gave this to me as a gift!"- "
Mistress Persephone, MI

"Thank you for the ROSE FLOGGER! It was a present for my best friend, she's a dominatrix here in Japan. Everyone at my Domina-Club was very excited when we saw the flogger, it was beautiful!! I'd like to order a Rose Crop to match it."
Tokyo, Japan

"I just wanted to say thank you for the order I just recieved from you. I couldn't be happier with the quality, especially the flogger, which is very lovely indeed. You may be sure I will be a repeat customer. Thank you again!"

"I just got the flogger...thank you for checking into that!!! The video is great! My next purchase will have to be a double ELK long and i KNOW where i am going to be getting it from!!!
Thank you again Excellent customer service what with me being so problematic!!!"


"Got the order today. You were not kidding, the double bull is nearly as massive as I imagined the "mop" to be. I love it... the sheer weight of it is thrilling. Also I ordered a mini elk flogger as an afterthought, figuring that, for its trivial price, I'd get a nice keychain or something. But it is excellent... the same high quality as the regular flogger, and probably the ideal weight and texture of hide for its size. Considering that there are more expensive floggers to be found on the Web, I wondered when I ordered this if it would be "good enough." That concern was totally unfounded. I'm glad I ordered with you."
Mr. LC, British Columbia, Canada

i belong to Lady Sierra. i had to go pick up a package for Her recently and when i saw the return address i had a feeling i knew what it was. We opened it and without a doubt it was the most beautiful flogger i had ever seen. She had me bend over a bench and drop my pants immediately. i love flogging, i like the flogging to build and then feel the thud of heavy leather. That flogger with the hearts is absolutely the best. Lady Sierra sends Her warmest regards and thanks. I'm off to put a little review on Max Fisch about this wonderful piece of equipment from DeTails Toys".
Sierras bruce

"Just wanted to say thanks for sending me such a high quality
flogger. I ordered a Stock Braid model and was greatly pleased with the quality. A truly beautiful
addition to my Mistress' collection. She was very impressed as well. I'm sure I'll be ordering other items in the
future. Thanks again...


"The Details Latigo Floggers are the 'OH FUCK' of all 'OH FUCKS'. I LOVE mine and I still can't believe how inexpensive they are! (2007)

I just fell in love again, this time with the Details Barbed Wire Rubber Flogger. This is my new favorite toy... The marks are wonderful!! (2008)
Ed Moore
Washington, DC






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High Intensity floggers, like the ones this page can quickly become very intense if not used with care. Make sure you have practiced on your pillow before you use these on your partner. General information applicable to all our floggers can be found on our Main Floggers page.

Simply put... our Roses are the best! Lots of people try to immitate them, but No One makes them like we do. Super Thick, Super Thuddy, Called a "Prized Find" in Complex Magazine, Voted #1 on the web by JoyClub in Germany... these are the real deal!

Now you can give them the "roses and the thorns". A beautiful and surprisingly thuddy toy. Many people describe the sensation of being hit with a DeTails Rose flogger as being "hit with little fists" as the roses are very dense and thuddy. Certainly the most unique bouquet of flowers you can give a kinky partner! Hand braided leather or barbed rubber tails with a beautiful suede leather rose at the end. Wide variety of colors available (see our suede colors). Tails available in black leather, as well as black rubber barbed wire. Comes in Half-dozen or Full-dozen bouquets. Silver "thorns" are available on the tails. Click Here to see our Rose Crops too!


Half Dozen Roses One Dozen Roses
$235 $335
Silver Thorns: $1.00 per thorn, up to 3 thorns per tail.
Rose Crops: $35.00
Click Here to see our Rose Crops too!

Buffalo is one of the thickest and heaviest leathers we work with. it's a spongy leather, similiar to Moose, stingy yet still "soft" to the touch and pliable. Buffalo ranges from a medium to massive thud depending on the hide. Tails available in black


Single Double Mop
Short tail: $90
Medium tail: $95

Long tail: $115
Double Short tail: $120
Double Medium tail:$125
Double Long tail: $145
Mop: 245

Bull is an incredibly thick, dense leather. Very similar to buffalo but not as spongy and a bit more stingy. This is another one of our most popular floggers and a standard that everyone needs in their bag. Bullhide offers an excellent combination of thud and sting. Tails available in black, purple, turquoise and red.

Single Double Mop
Short tail: $85
Medium tail: $90

Long tail: $105
Double Short tail: $115
Double Medium tail:$120
Double Long tail: $135
Mop: 230.00

Lots of sting, minimum effort! This is another one of those basic items that everyone should have in their bag. If you want to add some thud, make it a double or 3/4 size.
Four-strand round braided flogger (9 tails for single/18 tails for a double).
Tails available in: all black, black and red, all purple and all pink.


Single Double
Short: $85
Medium: $90
Long: $100
Double Short: $115
Double Medium:$120
Double Long: $135

We make a three-strand, flat braided, leaf end flogger out of black, purple, turquoise, or red Bull (as seen on the left)

We also make a four-strand round braided, blunt end flogger made out of black cow hide or any color suede (see our suede color selection). Both have nine tails for a standard and eighteen for a double.. The difference between the floggers is the flat braid includes a little more thud with it's sting and the round braid is primarily sting.

Single Double
Medium tail: $130
Long tail: $145
Double Medium tail:$190
Double Long tail: $215
Specify Wrapped or Flat Bull
or Round Cow/Suede when ordering

Made from Latigo leather, these floggers start at intense and get worse. The tails are heavy, thick, and stiff. This flogger will quickly become the favorite of any masochist. Generally 12 to 15 tails per flogger, each 1/2 inch wide. Tails NOW IN Black, Bright Red. Hot Pink & Dark Purple.
Short $85
Medium $95
Long $105

This flogger is extremely intense and should only be used by experienced players. As you would imagine, metal chain provides a very painful sensation when used with a traditional flogger strike. However, chain also offers a unique sensation when dragged across previously warmed up skin. Especially when the flogger has been chilled in a freezer! This is also a great toy to use with a violet wand. Chain tails are available in gold & silver

9 Tails
18 Tails
Short: $85
Med: $90
Long: $100
Short: $115
Med: $120
Long: $135


Our rubber floggers are made from high quality solid rubber cording, they are all sting and NOT recommended for the faint of heart. This is a VERY high intensity toy and should only be used by experienced players. Tails available in black only.

We have 3 types of rubber floggers, Thin, Thick & Barbed.

The Thin tails will give you intense sting with very little thud, while the Thick tails (The picture on your left is a "Thick/Double") add a serious PUNCH along with the extreme sting. The barbed wire rubber floggers (as seen in the picture below) are created by twisting Thin cording together and adding rubber barbs. This gives the flogger some real BITE and can easily break the skin. Be careful!

Thin Thick
9 Tails
18 Tails
5 Tails
10 Tails
Short tail: $80
Medium tail: $85

Long tail: $95
Double Short tail: $110
Double Medium tail:$115
Double Long tail: $130
Short tail: $85
Medium tail: $90

Long tail: $100
Double Short tail: $115
Double Medium tail:$120
Double Long tail: $135

Rubber Barbed Wire
Barbed wire rubber floggers are created by hand, (as shown in picture above) twisting thin cording together and adding rubber barbs. This gives the flogger some real BITE and can easily break the skin. Be careful!
Short $110
Medium $135
Long $150

order now

Leather Barbed Wire
About the same size and look as the rubber but this is a stock leather product. A little less intense. In Black & SILVER (looks like real barb wire! Great mind F***)
Short $85
Medium $110
Long $125



This type of flogger has a very stingy and unique feel to it. A very good item to purchase when you're looking for something fairly high intensity and want something a little different from standard flat tail floggers but don't want to go into metals or rubber. Tails available in Black (no longer available in brown).

20 Tails
40 Tails
Short tail: $85
Medium tail: $90

Long tail: $100
Double Short tail: $115
Double Medium tail:$120
Double Long tail: $135

Mop: 220.00


Who hasn't heard of someone getting "worked over" with a rubber hose in some old movie or detective novel? This is a VERY high intensity toy. Physically you can do some serious damage/fulfill a masochists darkest fantasy or you can use this toy lightly but scare the bejesus out of someone just threatening them with this scary thing!! Approx 30" in total length, hose is approx 19".

Priced at $80.00.





Similar to the bootlace flogger mentioned above. This flogger has nine tails that are capped in metal spikes. A cat-o-nine tails for extreme players. Tails available in black.




9 Tails
18 Tails
Medium tail: $105
Long tail: $115
Double Medium tail: $135
Double Long tail: $145




The Mini 'sTHE MINI'S
These are mini versions of our full size floggers with approximately 8 to 12 inch tails. The handles are braided and knotted just like their full size brothers. These are great for Breast/Chest/Genital play or when you want to keep a low profile and put your toy inside a purse or coat pocket. Great gift ideas. Mini's versions can be made for just about all our floggers.
Priced at $40.00 each.



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